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Goose Creek SC 29420


Hi!  I'm Nick Dreiling, Chief Instructor for Coastal Kenpo Karate.

I am committed to providing the best martial arts training experience to the families of Goose Creek and the surrounding area.  I look forward to meeting you and seeing whether your family is right for our family.

About Coastal Kenpo Karate

​​​​Here, our goal is to provide our students and families with world class Kenpo Karate, Filipino Martial arts and Jujitsu instruction.  In addition, we help to mentor and guide our students through the challenges and successes in life through our Life Skills and Personal .  By specifically targeting our implementation and instruction on key personal attributes, habits, characteristics and life skills, we aim to improve the overall lives of each and every student and their families.














Meet "Mr. Nick" Dreiling

"Bullyproof: Unleash the Hero Within your Kid"  is a not for profit project of mine. 

For every copy we sell, 100% of the profits go to providing free books to the parents of children who have been bullied.  We also plan to offer Martial Arts scholarships to bullied children who qualify. 

This is a service we offer to the community because I feel so strongly about the book and our programs.

If you would like to help, consider purchasing a copy.  If you'd like to order more, great!  for every copy you purchase, we will donate TWO additional copies to one of our local schools.

I thank you for your consideration.

-Nick Dreiling

Chief Instructor

Coastal Kenpo Karate