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Welcome to your exclusive membership content!

We are working hard to make this an amazing training supplement for you.  Remember, this is not a substitution for class time, nor is it intended to replace training under a qualified instructor.  We ask that you do not use this to attempt to "train ahead", as you'll miss very important content and material that can only be given in class.  Be sure to only access your current program for training.  If you'd like to "look ahead," that's okay; we want you to be excited about your training.

New Training Videos will be added through the course of the next twelve months as filming occurs.  You may even be selected to assist!  Keep an eye out for casting calls!

 How to Tie Your Belt

Learning to tie your belt is important.  You need to take pride in yourself and your appearance.   Learning to wear your uniform and tie your belt properly may also be a challenge for younger students and can help them to begin developing a habit of setting and achieving challenging goals.

Take a look at the following videos for assistance:  

Kenpo 100 - Yellow Belt Quick Reference

Self Defense Techniques

Martial Arts Leadership  Training here at Coastal Kenpo Karate will focus primarily on teaching every student very important Leadership and Character lessons which will help you as a student to become more successful in class, at school, at home and in life in general.

Our system is a self-defense and safety awareness program which will teach you hundreds of techniques for de-escalation, conflict resolution and even to the point of necessary physical self-defense.  These are the Techniques required for your yellow belt.

Take a look at the following videos for assistance: 

Forms and Sets

Your Forms and Practice sets will help you with memory, coordination, balance, focus and proper body mechanics.  Work hard to perfect these forms  and sets, as they will directly contribute to your abilities.

Take a look at the following videos for assistance: 


Basics are the foundation of your Martial Arts.  Just like your K-12 education provides a basic understanding of many subjects, working on individual martial arts basics will help you to improve all areas of your training.  Be sure to go over these often. 

Take a look at the following videos for assistance: