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Parent's Night Out

Jan 22nd from 5pm-9pm

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What would be a fair price for an afterschool program that offers Life Skills, self-defense and leadership training, tumbling and yoga classes, fun, games, enriching activities all summer in a safe environment?   

How  much would you pay?  $300 per week?  It's worth it, but no.

We have some great summer membership options for you starting as low as  $135 per week!

In addition, some of our members enjoy additional discounts for paid in full memberships.  We even offer a referral scholarship program.  FREE summer camp tuition if you help to refer others.  Be sure to ask!

Our 5000 square foot facility has two martial arts training floors, a game room with Air Hockey, fooseball, a mini-arcade, rock-climbing wall and many other fun play centers featuring legos, puzzles, dominos, games, matchbox cars, nerf guns, tons of sports equipment, art supplies, a theatrical performance area and media center for movies and educational videos.

In addition, we have a backyard outdoor play area with a climbing dome and swingset.  We also have a small basketball court and a soccer goal as well as a few bicycles and scooters.   In addition, we have our own inflatable water slide and zip-line for our campers to enjoy!

We have many more future plans for our facility.  The goal is safety, fun and enrichment.  Your child will LOVE the Kickin' Kids Summer Camp program.  Many children are disappointed when they have to leave and go home and most of them are ready to go to sleep after dinner (or on the way home)!   We wear them out!

We Teach Life Skills!

The skills your family will get
from our programs at Coastal Kenpo Karate and Martial Arts will go far
beyond kicking and punching. Our Life Skills Program will give your family tools to help to understand the value and importance of the following character traits and life skills:

Charity and more...

Why should I choose you?

There are lots of Summer Camps... What makes you so special?

Your child's school may have an afterschool option available.  Why should you consider an outside program as opposed to the one your child's school is offering?  A valid question.  Consider this... your child is at school all day, and then... 4 more hours of afterschool... sitting in the cafeteria and doing basically nothing.  Plus, once you've picked up your child, it's time to cart them all over kingdom come for their extra-curricular activities.

When you choose us, all of those concerns are addressed.  Your child has some constructive play time, social time, homework and reading time and by the time you've picked them us, they've enjoyed a fun, character-building self-defense class two to three days per week!  We even include a tumbling class taught by a certified gymnastics coach and even a yoga class for extra fun and flexibility! 

It's a win, win no brainer!

How about Field Trips?!?

What kind of field trips?

What will my child's typical camp schedule be?

What will her day look like?

1. You'll drop off your child at our awesome karate studio in Goose Creek.

2. We provide some fun recess and game time for your child to be a kid, build healthy friendships and even to learn how to handle conflict in a healthy way.

3. We have snack time and work on summer reading assignments. 

4. We have weekly character lessons that will help your child to become a better version of themselves , i.e. goal-setting, perseverance, resilience, etc.

5. Your child will enjoy two Karate classes per week and will have additional time to practice what they've learned. Our program is self-defense and reality based, so your son or daughter will learn proven methods of real self-defense including how to handle conflict in a safe and healthy way.

6. All Belt testings are included in your weekly tuition.

7. We include AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE other fun and enriching activities like dance, cheer, tumbling, science and art projects, sports activities and other fun and exciting character-building games.

8. Summer Camp students enjoy first come, first serve for After-school program openings once school starts.

9. Summer camp students enjoy the same privileges and opportunities for advancement, recognition and leadership roles as our evening martial arts students.

10. Summer Camp students will also have access to (at no additional charge) our Saturday morning classes This way, moms, dads and grandparents will be able to watch the occasional class to keep abreast of our student's level of progress.  Some of our Summer Camp parents even train with us in our family program!

What does your facility have to offer?

What features set yourself apart?

OMG, it must cost a small fortune, right?

Click on the THUMBS UP icon once you're ready for a free tour and special trial offer!

You'll be taken to our opt-in page where you can fill out a simple form.  Then, one of our staff members will contact you within 24 hours.

WOW!  I'm excited!  I know my child will LOVE this!

How do I get started!?

Just click the THUMBS UP icon and you'll be taken to our contact us page.  Fill out the form and we will contact you right away! You'll have an opportunity to set up a tour of our facility and meet our Team.

Character Development and Life Skills are an integral and important part of the martial arts. We don't just teach kicks and punches, we teach our students how to become leaders in the community. Leaders are victors, not victims  I look forward to meeting you and your family!

- Nick Dreiling
Chief Instructor

*Featured in the Best Selling Book Series, BULLYPROOF

Even though we LOVE our facility, we enjoy having the children experience exciting, fun and educational field trips.  In the past, we've gone bowling, ice skating, and on nature walks and tons of other super fun places!

We've also visited the fire station and fire museum and other local educational spots.