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Parent's Night Out

June 12 from 5pm-9pm

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Why should you train in Martial Arts?

​​Our goals for your family are to provide a safe, modern approach to teaching traditional martial arts values while providing an outstanding self-defense program including elements of American Kenpo Karate, Filipino Kali, Judo and Jujitsu.  We help our students to improve their athletic skills, fundamentals and appreciation for fitness.

​​Character Development and Life Skills are an integral and important part of the martial arts.   We don't just teach kicks and punches, we teach our students how to become leaders in
the community.  Leaders are victors, not victims. 

"I look forward to meeting you and your family!"

- Nick Dreiling

Chief Instructor

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One-Month Introduction To the Benefits of The Martial Arts

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We Teach Life Skills!

​​​​The skills your family will get
from our programs at Coastal Kenpo Karate and Martial Arts will go far
beyond kicking and punching.  Our Life Skills Program will give your family tools to help to understand the value and importance of the following character traits and life skills:













​Charity and more...​​​

​Through the combined efforts of you, your child and our staff, you'll see improvement in all of these areas through the course of his or her training here.​  And IT'S INCLUDED! 

Just fill out the form below to take the first step. You'll then have an opportunity to set your appointment for a one-on-one consultation and studio tour.   We will find out more about what you're looking to gain from your training with us.


​​We'll set an appointment for you to tour our academy and to try out your first class for free!  This will give you a chance to see that our program is the right one for your family.

Our tuition rates are reasonable, competitive and affordable, and we will work with you to find the best payment options for you.  We look forward to your becoming a part of our family!